Yours truly

Brown2Lauren Brown is a graphic illustrator and photographer living near Davenport, Iowa. She grew up drawing mermaids, illustrating joke books, and writing a family newsletter on an old avocado-green typewriter. Born and raised in the Midwest, Lauren has always appreciated living in a close-knit community and abundant green space. Throughout her life, she has been fascinated by how color and shape can work together to tell a story. Today, her work expresses her love for the outdoors and social causes she cares deeply about – hunger awareness, clean water, and the environment.

Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wartburg College in communications and has spent the last eight years as artistic director at St. Paul Lutheran Church. She also has freelance design and photography clients across Eastern Iowa.

When not designing or snuggling her daughter Meredith, Lauren enjoys the library, cooking from her garden, and putting her hiking boots to good use.